Research and Development at the Institute

The Vreeland Institute operates as a Think Tank relying on staff, volunteers, and visiting scholars to participate in discovering solutions to international problems and challenges. There is a new innovation economy on the Web, which makes it easier to bring Seekers and Solvers together. We have successfully participated in Innocentive challenges and US Government challenges.

The following listing identifies some of the Challenge areas we are currently exploring, researching, and have interest in.

Prevention of School Violence

3D Printed Bomb Sniffing Robot

First Responder Indoor Location System

Influenza Epidemiology

Search and Rescue Game

3D Printed Cable Harnesses and Connectors

Unified Biometric Theory of Learning

Universal Access for Computer Users

Delivery of Vaccines in Developing Countries

Solar Hot Air Balloons

Newton III - Water Jet Powered Kayak

Pond Management Buoy

The Enchanted Forest Augmented Reality

Lake Depth Guage Measurement System

SIMSquadron and SIMGroup Simulations

Wing Academy

Wing Operations Center

Group Commander's Course